Color Wheel Designer document

You can buy the full version of Color Wheel Designer from the Microsoft Store, and you can try the Java demo application of Color Wheel Designer.

Functions of Color Wheel Designer.


Install DEMO

Before you run the demo Java application, please download and install the Java framework of the official website.

Follow the steps to install and run the color wheel application.

Select the language from the second menu.


Drag the entire window to the right with the help of the address bar, then click the capture screen button.

After scrolling the magnified image of the screen, hover over one pixel and click.
Then again click on one of the lower square, you can select the current color and color circle, then pass the color value by clicking the arrow button.

Selecting colors - the palette

Drag the color circles using the mouse to select the colors, and add 6 colors to the palette with the first push-button.
 Please, use the theme or schema color settings for the placement of colors.

All the six colors can be set with a click. Select the current color or current color circle, and select hexadecimal value of the right color for you on the palette tab.

Save the complete palette in HTML or PNG format.

Main parts of the program

There are three parts of the application for functionality.

 1)  Color Wheels
In the program, you can select colors on use two types of color wheels. On the Quadrant color circle, you can use the base four colors. The Triad is a symmetric RGB.

 2)  Color circles
The color circles select a color on the color wheel. The color circles are in connection with the 6 squares at the bottom of the windows. Six colors can be selected at the same time.

 3)  Palettes(HTML)
You can add the colors on a palette, which could be saved as a HTML file. In another time, you can reload these saved palettes into the Color Wheel Designer. One palette file can contains unlimited colors to select.

Select the current color

The current color is the current circle or square which was selected. The current color coordinates are shown on the tabs on the right side.
Six colors can be selected at the same time. The color circles are in connection with the 6 squares at the bottom of the window.

How can we choose the current color?
Point the mouse cursor over one of the color circles, then  suddenly the color coordinates were changed. The other method is clicking on one square of the six on the bottom. On the current square white lines shows the selection.

Moving color circles

We can move three kind of circles on the color wheels.

 1) The first is the main circle which moves each of the six color circle, on top right side there is a corner.

  2) The next one has got the corner on the lower right-hand side, there are two of them.<br /> Reflect other color circles according to the main diagonal and moves them.

 3) The third type of the color wheel can be moved independently, and they have got no corners.


On the setting tab, these checkboxes controls the movement of the color circles.

 Proportional angels.
Moving the main circle, other color circles maintains the angle relative to the main one.

 Mirror circles.
It reflects the paired independent color circle according to the main diagonal.

 Equal radiuses.
The radiuses of all color circles are the same.

 Proportional radiuses.
Increasing or decreasing the radius of main color, the radiuses of the other color circles will be proportionally increased or decreased.

 Color of depth.
The color of the disc also takes on the black hue, the full color.