Color Wheel Designer for Android

Have a look at the Google Play Store to download the Android version of the Color Wheel Designer!
If you want to buy the full version of the program in the Microsoft Store.

Download Color Wheel Designer for Android

Main function of Android App

In the Color Wheel Designer Android version we can move 4 circles on the color wheel.
Moving the circles we can point or drag and drop them.
First we need to designate an actual circle. Pointing with fingers we can move it in different places, so it will jump to the place where the surface is touched.

We must first turn off scroll (Scroll Off) for accurate drag and drop function. Scrolling down to the surface, place your finger over the wheel, and constantly keep smoothing on the surface, and drag the circle to the desired location.

Scroll On/ Off:
Turn off or on the scrolling of the surface. This is necessary if you want to drag the circle accurately.

It sets the state of the circles to default, so colors of the four circles will be white.

Constrain On/ Off:
Switch off the joint movement of the circles. Turning off means that all four circles are movable independently.

Black Back or White Back:
The background of the surface will be black or white.

System requirements

 The program is suggested for Android Tablet.
 Installable file from version Android 4.3.1(API 18 - Jelly Bean ).
 Suggested minimum screen resolution 800x432.